Title TBA

Soon to be high school freshman Kat Baker is all about training for the cross-country team this summer. Then her Greek mom knocks her off-course by dragging her to Greece. To meet the family. How can a girl train in ninety-billion degrees? And with a sharp-eyed Yiayiá watching her every move? Determined to keep her running dream alive, Kat embarks on a risk-filled odyssey, discovering that self-truth is at the heart of dreams, first love—even family—and that it is up to her to speak up and claim the heritage that is uniquely hers.

Other Writing

“A Cut-out Face.” Honorable mention, Hunger Mountain’s Katherine Paterson Prize, and published in the Hunger Mountain online issue titled The Art & Insanity of Creativity 

“Waiting for Alice.” Published in Sucker Literary Magazine, Vol. 1.

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