Events & Visits

I am happy to customize my presentations/workshops, if requested.

Library Presentations

Oh, there’s no place like a library.😊 I am game to visit any public library, free of charge within a 90 minute drive from my Vermont home; beyond, travel expenses appreciated. I offer a one-hour presentation that includes a brief reading, details of my publishing journey, tips on mining memories for fiction, a writing exercise, and time for Q&A.

School Presentations

I am available for 30-minute Zoom/Skype visits with students at no cost.

I would love to visit your school in person! Please contact me for day rates. I offer two options: one large group session and 3 classroom sessions, or 4 classroom sessions. School visits are much more productive if students have read my book in advance.

Book Talk, grade 6-9, schoolwide or smaller sessions

Presentation includes a reading, a discussion of the writing process and mining memories for fiction, details of the publishing process, and a Q&A (45 minutes to one hour).

Small group writing workshop, grades 6-9

After a brief book presentation, I will talk about mining memories to create fiction and offer several writing prompts. There will be time for sharing, but no pressure! Workshops will be geared to grade level (45 minutes to one hour).


Digging Deep: Mining Memories for Fiction Gold

$25 per student, 3.5-hour writing workshop offered in-person or via Zoom. (five people minimum and ten people maximum)

Rooting elements of our fiction in genuine, lived experience has the potential to make our characters more intricate, our settings more lived in, our plots more subtle and shaded, and even our ideas more innovative, offering a path beyond the tropes and clichés that often make unwanted appearances in our writing.

In this workshop, through participation in a series of short writing exercises and discussion of examples from novels and short stories, writers will learn and practice tools to unlock memories and translate those memories to fiction. There will be time for sharing and Q&A. I am happy to schedule a workshop for a group (five people minimum and ten people maximum). I will also periodically offer workshop dates for individual registration. Stay tuned!

Book Clubs

If your book club is reading my book, I would be happy to Zoom in for a 15-minute visit free of charge.

Please subscribe to my Substack where I will be posting essays, short fiction, interviews with authors, booksellers and librarians, and book recommendations.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!