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About Mima

Half Greek half American, Mima Tipper and her writing reflect her heritage—a little bit old-country, a little bit rock and roll: one foot wandering through the dreamy realms of myths and faerie tales, the other running on the solid ground of fast-paced, contemporary story. She earned her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and has published YA fiction in Hunger Mountain and Sucker Literary magazine. Her YA short story “A Cut-out Face” received an honorable mention from Hunger Mountain’s Katherine Paterson Prize, her WIP Chasing a Blue So Wild was a top ten finalist in Voyage YA’s first chapter contest, and her WIP Channeling Marilyn came in second place for Paranormal Romance in the Chesapeake Romance Writer’s annual Rudy contest. Kat’s Greek Summer will be her first published novel. Beyond devoting most of her time to writing, Mima volunteers at her local library and is committed to promoting literacy and supporting the writing community. Currently, Mima lives in Vermont with her family; find her on Facebook, X/Twitter, Substack, and Instagram.

Questions, questions

Is “Mima” your real name?

It’s a nickname. I am named for both of my grandmothers, so Katharine Kalomira is my official name. My mother is Greek, so she called me by the common shortening of Kalomira, which is “Mira.” As babies, my brother—one year older—couldn’t pronounce the “r” and called me “Mima.” Mom and Dad thought that was pretty cute and different, and the rest is history.

How do you pronounce your name?

It sounds like “Nina” but with Mms instead of Nns. “Mee-Ma”



Do you have kids?

My husband Charlie and I are lucky to have three children: Jack, Willy and Marley. And in case you are wondering, even though our kids have inspired me greatly in my writing, I haven’t ever written stories based on them or their actual lives.

Do you have pets?

We are fortunate to have a rescue-mix pup named Gabe. He’s from Louisiana originally, and adjusting to Vermont winters hasn’t been easy for our southern baby boy. His favorite activity is snoozing on the couch near the woodstove.

Favorite color?

Blue, blue and more blue!


Reading is my ultimate favorite activity. Other things I like doing are: skiing (lift serve and touring), cold-water dipping (coldest water yet about 33 degrees), yoga, walking, hiking, cooking, movie-watching, and mushroom-foraging.

Favorite book as a kid?

D’Aulaire’s Book of Greek Myths. I pored through this book year after year, never tiring of the tales of gods and goddesses, and reveling in the incredible illustrations. As many of my own stories have Greek mythological references, I keep a copy close at all times.

Where do you write?

I like to think of myself as able to write anywhere, but for a special birthday gift my husband designed and constructed a tiny house on wheels that we named “The Whimsy Wagon.” I tuck myself away there to write from about May through October.

Did you always want to be a writer?

I didn’t find the stories I wanted to write until pretty late in life, but I have always adored reading. I learned to read before I started kindergarten, and was rarely without a book in my hand.

In my Whimsy Wagon with Gabe

Photo by Charlie Tipper